While High Rock Ranch is open to all ages and groups, we also serve as a retreat center for parents of special needs children. Call for details, rates and how this retreat might be exactly what you’re needing.



Longtime Colorado residents Dan and Shirley McCabe have been entrepreneurs during most of their 45-years of marriage, traveling the globe and discovering their gift of giving. Sharing a love for their fellow man, the pair have opened their home to international travelers and students as well as homeless families in crisis.

During their travels, the McCabes have served God by serving the less fortunate, including the residents of Kadawa, Kenya, a village outside of Kisumu. A medical clinic, school and church are the result of their work there.

Dan and Shirley’s lifelong adventures and experiences make them uniquely able to offer warm hospitality to everyone they meet.

“We are not much like other B&Bs,” Shirley says. “We do not have amenities such as TV or Jacuzzi tubs, but we do have a place of real peace and quiet, a place of rest. We have a retreat from the world. High Rock Ranch is not only a chance to unwind. It’s a chance to rewind!”